For Dawn Quarles who apparently thought it was more important to complain about the way I tweet than to respond to the information I gave her. If you would like to know what I was responding to, feel free to click on the link above.

You’re missing the entire point. It’s not about having him answer for being a shitty person all those years ago. It’s about the fact that someone who was able to commit a heinous act like that should not be deciding what women get to do with their bodies. He has made it expressly clear that he wants to overturn Roe vs Wade and frankly, if I saw my rapist trying to get a job that was going to give him the opportunity to make laws that impact me and the entire country, I’d speak out against him, too. Especially if he had already stated on numerous occasions that he indended to put laws into place that would hurt me and other women.

And at the end of the day, this isn’t even about Ford wanting him to answer for his crimes. She came forward as a concerned citizen, asked that her name and testimony not be public, and provided information she believed was pertinent for the Senate to be aware of while voting. If you genuinely think this is just about attacking him for no reason, you do not understand what’s going on. If you genuninely think she wanted this to be public, you haven’t read enough.

Regardless, Kavanaugh is not qualified for the position. He was incapable of holding together while testifying. He clearly doesn’t have the temperament required to be on the Supreme Court. He perjured himself while testifying and as such has lost credibility in his defense.

If he didn’t have anything to hide, explain to me why he’s lying about The Devil’s Triangle and boofing. Seems incredibly stupid not to be honest when the event occurred so long ago that there’s no evidence that can truly prove it and it comes down to ‘he said, she said’. And yet, as a man of law who SHOULD reasonably know this, he is deciding to lie about the meaning of very well known terms he put in his yearbook while under oath? To what end? He’s committing a crime that disqualifies him for the job he’s desperately begging for. Give me a break.

Next time…read the information available to you thoroughly before spouting your opinion. I don’t know if you’ve been sexually assaulted, but if you haven’t it’s really insensitive of you to assume that “public apology” is good enough for the lifetime of trauma his “fun” caused. Also, again, Ford did not want this information to go public. The “all this” that you’re referring to was requested of her after the information leaked. So you can’t reasonably blame her for that, either.

As far as your “you should try blogging instead of tweeting” reply, there you go. It was truly such a great takeaway from everything that I said. 🙄

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