55359114-D189-432E-9878-84F1EAFB6EF5Knights Club: The Bands of Bravery by Shuky is a remarkably fun book. I’ve always been rather fond of choose your own adventure books which is why it’s rather unfortunate that I haven’t read a great many. I really enjoyed Knights Club, the various paths I could take and experience. Each choice brought a different encounter exciting enough to prompt me to read it multiple times in order to try and experience them all. There’s a lot of uniqueness to this novel, but the most enticing for me was the fact that I got to pick which character I was. You’re limited to three options, the choice between a group of brothers who all desire desperately to become knights and it was really quite exciting.

The adventure is largely image based and you navigate the world by flipping the pages to different numbered comics as you embark on your journey. A surprising number of the images did not include text, which I’ll admit disappointed me slightly.. It did feel as though I was just being forced to flip pages with no action whatsoever when I got to these sections, an image of scenery with the choice of different page numbers to visit. While I certainly appreciate the effort and the idea, I would have enjoyed it more if there was a bit more to get from these portions of our journey. Even so, it does add a level of realism to the book, the truth that all quests have their tedious moments one that readers might benefit from experiencing. I do think this message might get lost on some within the age group this book is written for, though.

I did deeply enjoy my experience with this book and would certainly read it again. In fact, I’d definitely consider buying it for my niece one day when she’s old enough to read. I don’t think there are enough books like this out in the world and am eager to see more of them succeed. One thing I will note, however, is that I don’t think this book does well in e-book format, largely because it can be difficult to find the numbered scenes you’re directed to as the story continues to progress. It was quite a task and certainly added to the tediousness of it all. This is something I think could possibly be fixed as I’ve seen it work before where the ebook is formatted so that a link is provided for the page the choose your own adventure book is directing you to in that moment. Knights Club would definitely benefit greatly from this if it is to be offered in ebook format. Believe me, your readers will thank you for it.

Knights Club is a fun, engaging, graphic novel that keeps you interested the whole way through. Plus, the artwork is pretty fantastic which is a great plus.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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