img_7607I sort of ended up taking a break for the past couple days—no reading, no real writing, etc—because my life has recently gotten a little bit more busy and, basically, requires a lot more of my attention to be focused elsewhere. If you follow me on Twitter and your feed had it pop up, you’ll know why.

img_7606We got a puppy!

And he’s basically the cutest thing ever. Thanks to his gorgeous black and white color and the red collar we got him (and also because I simply have a tendency to name my pets after Disney characters, we’re calling him Mickey. He’s been doing really great with potty training thus far, which is fantastic since he’s still little, little.

img_7604I know this post has very little to do about any books—though the awesome thing is that I can cuddle with him while I’m reading now!—but I just wanted to take a chance to share him with you guys. After all, it’s not every day that you get a new puppy to share your life with. I can say I’m a very happy dog mom right now and Mickey seems like.a very happy baby, so all in all life is pretty great.

P. S. I hope all of you recognized the song reference in the title. I’ve been singing it since we got him.

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