Guess what came in the mail today, you guys!3EBDB76E-807E-4E25-9E7C-D23855112998

I’ll admit, I thought that my boyfriend would be a little more excited about it than he was if only because he’s the one who introduced me to Matt Bellassai in the first place, but I guess there’s really just not much you can do when you’re dating a workaholic who isn’t all that into books, though frankly I  really think expecting him to jump for joy and scream was hardly too much to ask.

Regardless of his reaction, though, I’m pretty excited about it. I love getting signed books. There’s just an extra special bit of happiness that comes with them, I think. And I can’t wait to start reading it!

B107ABD4-2CF9-4CD0-8046-02048C0919DDHope everyone’s reading has been going well!

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