E779FAD0-54C0-4CC2-9079-467E49D59A2AI imagine that the oldest book I have from my childhood—though it is currently boxed up in storage because I live in an apartment and move a fair amount—are the pile of Nancy Drew books I inherited from my mother. She’d read them when she was young and, since I’ve always been in love with reading, the moment I found them packed away in her old room at my grandparents’ house, I had to have them.

I was in first grade at the time, going into second grade and spent a ridiculous amount of time powering through the series. Naturally there’s no real chance that I would ever give these books up. It’s something I’d love to see get passed down since it’s already made it through two generations.

img_7478I’ve already reached the 24 hour mark for this Readathon, amazingly enough! After dedicating literally all of yesterday to reading and having a nice long sleep last night, I’m bright and thrilled. Still reading, of course, just to see where I’ll get to, but I don’t expect to be reading as hardcore as I was yesterday.

How is your readalong going? I wish you all luck in reaching the 24 hour mark!

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