I can’t even remember the last time I posted on here, what it was about, or even what specific point prompted me to be a ginormous fail in the schedule I’d set up. I suppose I should have expected it at some point or another, all things considered. I’ve always been somewhat bad at adhering to a strict personal schedule for something I can stop and come back to.

What it all comes down to, of course, is my job. Summers have always been exceptionally busy considering the fact that our clientele are kiddos who can’t typically come during the school year. And as such, alongside recent promotions, I’ve been exceptionally busy with literally no time for anything else. I’ve kept up reading (since I can do that on my breaks) a little bit, but definitely nowhere where I was at the beginning f the year.

Expect updates coming at some point, though I don’t know how often I’ll be posting as of yet. I do intend to get this blog back up and running and hopefully have more content for everyone soon. Thanks, everyone, for sticking by and hanging on even in my hiatus! I’ve written a few reviews in the past few days so there’s that to look forward to, at least! And I do hope to revive cover appreciation Friday because frankly that’s one of my favorite blog posts.

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