img_7086So, a lot of people have been talking about this new game and it’s really not much of a surprise considering how many people in my generation grew up on Harry Potter. I’m certainly not what anyone would consider a serious fan. I don’t really own any HP merch other than the books themselves, I never bought myself a wand or a scarf, and I don’t have any desire to pick and broadcast a Hogwarts house on my profiles…but I do really love the series.img_7087

And so naturally, when Hogwarts Mystery came out I had to download it and give it a try. I’m beginning to realize, especially with this one, that I really hate phone games. And what I mean by that is I hate that they’re so addicting and the developers can’t help trying to squeeze every penny they can from you.

img_7084Everything in Hogwarts Mystery works on an energy level system, meaning that when you run out of energy you either get stuck somewhere or you can’t really do anything anyway. And it is annoying.

img_7085I just don’t understand why all of these exciting games have to fall into the most frustrating of antics and make it less fun or more expensive for everyone involved. I don’t want games where I have to pause in the middle of playing, that I have to be constantly checking in order to not miss out on all that “energy” I could have been gaining if it hadn’t reached full. The waiting in between play times is excruciating. And I’m not going to waste my money on something as ridiculous as energy that’s just going to get used up too quickly and barely progress me anywhere.img_7080

And I guess I would be less irritated if there was more to do outside of the waiting that comes when you run out of energy, but there really isn’t. And the plot isn’t nearly interesting enough for me to really care about continuing. At this point it’s more of a curiosity thing and wondering when I will grow bored (or annoyed) enough to delete the app. I don’t know, though. I feel like I’d rather just pay a flat $50 for a good game and be done with the pay for energy nonsense.

img_7081Anyway, at the end of it all, the game is interesting enough. The friends are cool and I do appreciate the conversation asides that increase friendship levels because it’s something to do when waiting for energy, but frankly there aren’t enough of them. The dueling is cool, too, but runs into the same problem. And you can’t go back and do any of these things over again which I found disappointing.

img_7082A final note on energy, though, if you go through the pictures I’ve added, they indicate some spots where you can get free energy occasionally if you tap around on the paintings, house elf, empty fire sconce, and stick. I have a bunch of before and after shots, though I have to say baby Fang has got to be my favorite. img_7083Still, it’s nice that there are at least a few opportunities to snag some extra energy, though they aren’t always around (naturally) and you have to wait for these tappable moments to respawn before you can use them again.

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