fox2So, this is more of a random little tidbit than an actual full blog post, but I’ve been doing some thinking in particular about the overall look of my reviews. This pops up more because I love reading all of your wonderful reviews and everyone has their own special style for how they post the rating they give their book.

Some of you use stars, some of you have pre-filled images that you switch out to represent each star. Some of you use moons or smiley faces. The variety is pretty amazing. And, inspired by the overall theme of this blog, I’ve decided I’m going to change mine from stars to foxes. 🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊

So, if you see that on one of my review posts, you know what it means. I haven’t decided if I’ll stick with emojis for ease of access or if I will be looking into creating my own via drawing and photoshop since that would take some time, but expect to see it in the future!

As always, happy reading to you all!

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