68A857A9-D352-4002-9B06-BB28A50131CBIt’s Author Sunday! And that means it’s time to celebrate awesome authors! Today I’m featuring Lindsay Buroker! This is an author I came across a long time ago, back when I was trying to get out of my reading slump after finishing The Lunar Chronicles and her series, The Emperor’s Edge, actually helped get me out.

E5A7448D-430C-411E-9941-0974DBDACB06Buroker’s writing is impressive in its continuity. I can’t think of a single moment where I was bored while reading this book series, which at the time had seven books and three short stories. I wasn’t in love with the books and characters by any means, but it was well written and interesting and it got me out of my slump. I definitely was glad these books existed.

E8A7264B-F7B8-4B64-BA4B-3947F5D9985BI haven’t read any of her other series and do in fact have two more books to read from The Emperor’s Edge, but I definitely think I’ll have to check them out. Lindsay Buroker is self published and definitely a good author. She’s recently come out with a new series that actually sounds quite interesting, so I might have to get my hands on a copy at some point.

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