I can’t believe we’re finally here after all the posts I’ve made in this particular series, but this will be the final post for January of 2018! I’ve got five more books that I’ve added to my TBR and I’m excited to share them with you. So, without further ado, here are the last five books from January that I’ve added to my TBR.

loveletterI’m honestly terrified of This is Not a Love Letter by Kim Purcell, but in a good way. This novel just sounds so sad. I have my own predictions, of course, for how this book will end, but I don’t see things going well for the characters. Which, ultimately, considering the topic that it discusses is something I think will work well for the book as a whole. Issues of race are especially important today and therefore there’s a lot to be said about a book that tackles those issues, especially if it does so tastefully and expertly. I can’t give an opinion on this book thus far and while I’m not typically a fan of dark mysteries, I definitely think this one is worth spending some time with.

winnerWinner Take All by Laurie Devore is one of those cutesy stories of the rivals who fall in love, but with a twist. I’m a bit wary of this one but intrigued enough to want to read it. I feel like this plot has been done quite a number of times, though I’m thrilled to see that there’s something new to it all. I do have a rather strong temptation to read books like this, likely due to their somewhat addicting nature at least in the sense that they bring me a lot of nostalgia. I guess we’ll see what I think after it’s been read.

ahI feel like this is the sort of book that’s bound to make me cry. American Heart by Laura Moriarty is a dystopian that reimagines America as a place where Muslims are treated in the same way Jewish people were in Nazi Germany. Now, that alone brings some pretty strong emotions and disturbing thoughts to the table. This book’s very premise makes me vastly uncomfortable. And as it should. A world in which something like that is accepted is an extremely disturbed and messed up one. And yet, it’s still true that we criminalize people for their race or religion so long as they are not a) white or b) Christian. So, really, I feel like the conversation this book brings to the table is an important one. It should make us uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need to talk about it.

fallingThe Upside of Falling Down by Rebekah Crane is kind of a tentative TBR for me. I don’t know if I’ll like it, but I was intrigued enough that I didn’t want to not give it a chance. But, I don’t know…there’s something about an amnesia plot that doesn’t spark my interest as much as it used to? And, to top that off, I really haven’t read any good ones in a long time which has more or less turned me off to it. And yet, I still found myself adding this book to my TBR. I guess I just wanna see if this book can change my mind on the matter. It does, at least, have a premise that makes me curious.

keepKeeper by Kim Chance is another one of those books that’s on here mainly due to the fact that it reminds me of books I enjoyed when I was young. I’m also rather fond of the cover for a number of reasons, one of which is the fact that (green being my favorite color) I’m in love with the coloring. It’s kind of silly and I don’t think the plot sounds all that impressive, but as always I’m open to being surprised. I’ve always found its better to have average expectations than high ones anyway.

And that’s it! We’ve finally reached the end of the January additions to my TBR! It feels like a pretty amazing milestone. As always, let me know your thoughts about these books in the comments! Do you have any on your TBR? Will you be adding some? What do you think of the books thus far? Don’t forget to check back in as I takle the February 2018 releases next!

Happy reading, everyone!

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