So, I’m going to admit to something that I’m sure nearly every single one of us has done at some point or another, even if you’re not an aspiring writer (though, I’ll get to that in a moment), and say that I’ve been practicing my signature today. I didn’t do this for any reason in particular other than the fact that I was sitting at the table and I’d left out a pad of sticky notes next to me and was just randomly tempted.

And naturally I’ve gone ahead and included a photo of mine here. IMG_0389

As a writer and someone who hopes one day to have published a book, I definitely have ulterior motives behind practicing my signature other than the very typical signing of important documents (which is, ironically, one reason why I practiced when I was little). But the biggest thing is that I just want to have a consistent signature so that when I ever get around to actually finishing and publishing a book, I can have an autograph that looks nice and doesn’t change drastically from book to book.

Who knows if that’s even possible, haha.

My assumption here is that a lot of you guys have practiced writing your autograph. Whether it’s because you wanted to be an author when you were young or a movie star…or maybe you just wanted to have the signature you put on all the important documents look nice…I think there are very few of us who can honestly say we haven’t doodled our names across every inch of a piece of paper at one point or another.

So, at the risk of proving myself wrong, how about you? Have you practiced writing your signature? What was it for? Do you still practice? Let me know in the comments!

As always, happy reading! And for today, happy practicing!

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3 thoughts on “Have You Ever…?

  1. hahaha I relate to this in a weird way- I used to practice getting my signature all neat, but then when I started working etc and found I had to sign things all the time… well let’s just say my signature has now morphed into a weird scrawl 😉 I like yours a lot though!

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    1. Same, I feel like you can’t sign stuff without getting to a point where it just becomes squiggles. And thank you!


  2. Oh I like yours !!

    yeeah .. I wanted to be a signer when I was a child xD so I did practice .. *cough* However, now I just go with my initials – that I end up always doing them in the same movement as we initial a lot at work to say stuff we did and etc. not too sure if I could sign important documents like that, however .. 😂

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