So, I recently decided to download a bit of writing software as I continue working on my novel, largely on account of the fact that regular word documents have never quite cut it for me when it comes down to larger projects. I’m still not sure what my end choice will be since I tend to flit back and forth between various platforms, but I wanted to share my thoughts on this particular one.

Scrivener is a writing tool whose strongest feature appears to be organization and for me, this is incredibly important. Whereas prior to downloading Scrivener my story was mixed about in notebooks, on my iPad, in Google docs, and on my computer, organization has thus far become a bit of a joke. I spent thirty minutes the other day looking for my character list because I couldn’t remember which platform I had written it on and turns out despite looking through my iPad and my computer documents for a lengthy period of time, I had originally written it down in a notebook.

Now, I couldn’t tell you for certain whether or not Scrivener will be the saving grace to all this for me, but I can say that its level of organization is pretty phenomenal. The most important piece her is its ability to split your work into specific chapters and those chapters into scenes, all of which you can put together once you’ve finished into one nice little document with a simple click. There are, of course, other features for character lists and sheets as well as world building and research in general. I haven’t used these extensively just yet, but I feel like this writing tool is going to be one that’s amazingly useful.

I only have a thirty day free trial at the moment, however as Scrivener only costs about $45, I can definitely see myself investing in this program in the future. So far it’s been pretty rewarding, after all. I may continue to update as my experience with the program increases, but for now, I have to say I’m enjoying it. And how about you? Have you heard of Scrivener? Do you use it? Do you use a different (perhaps better) program? Let me know in the comments!

As always, happy reading, and today, happy writing as well!

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3 thoughts on “Writing Resources; Scrivener

  1. So many writers rave about this software, I hope it works for you! Know what you mean about the organisation side – I have plot threads coming out of my ears!!

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