lizbraswellThe thing about Liz Braswell that regularly fascinates me is the mere fact that she writes retellings of Disney movies. The first time I saw one of her books, I was immensely fascinated. It’s such a small thing, to take films that many of us have grown up with and rework them in a new way, but I have to admit that it is so much fun. Now, I’d never tout these books as the most amazing things I’ve ever read, because they’re not. And I’ve definitely disliked pieces of them at times. But they are pretty clever.

wholenewBraswell’s retellings take each story and twist something about it, namely a big plot point that the original films had. For example, Aladdin never gets the lamp. I’ve enjoyed these books for what they offer and I’m even immensely excited to read the next one, focused this time on the story of The Little Mermaid. taleEach book is named after one of the big songs in the movie, the newest one entitled Part of Your World.

If you’re up for a little nostalgia, some fun plot twists, and a fast-paced story, it might be worth checking out one of her books.

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