Hi everyone! With Valentine’s Day coming up and my own personal blog celebration for reaching a hundred followers (a few days ago) I wanted to try my hand at making my own book tag centered around love and books, so here goes! It’s called the 14 Hearts to Spread tag and basically there are fourteen book and love related questions listed below for you to answer.

Have fun!
Tag me!
Tag your friends, if you want.

❤️ Your book date this year:

I am curling up with Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli. I didn’t really care all that much for Albertalli’s The Upside of Unrequited, but I’m really excited about Simon. I’ve only just started reading it recently in anticipation of the movie that’s coming out in March, but I feel like I’ll probably be settled in on my couch reading this one on Valentine’s Day unless I finish it before then.

❤️ Your book date when you were young:

When I was young (like, fourth grade young), my favorite book in the WHOLE world was Eragon by Christopher Paolini. It’s just such an amazing book and it was given to me by my Aunt, who at the time was my bestest book buddy in the whole world. And I took it everywhere, read it everywhere. The book itself is falling apart at this point because I’ve carried it with me and read it so much. I used to read it every time I was sick because it just made me feel better. It might not be my favorite book anymore, but it still means the world to me and it was my whole life back then.

❤️ If a book could be your partner (the book you love most):

I truly wasn’t expecting this to become my favorite book when I picked it up. It was my most anticipated read for 2018 and I knew, unquestionably, that I needed to read it. But I had no belief that any book could ever really outshine Marissa Meyer’s books for me. After all, she’s been my favorite author for five plus years now. But this book just blew me away. The characters were perfect in a way that I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before. It’s feminist, which is just wonderfully empowering. And it was a retelling of a story that I’ve been in love with since before I can remember.

If you haven’t read it, please go read The Wendy by Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown because I truly do think you’ll enjoy it.

❤️ Your biggest character crush:

This slot goes to the one and only Carswell Thorne of Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles. Give a bow, Carswell, you know you’re dying to. I can say without a doubt that this is the single character I think I will be in love with for the rest of my life. He’s perfect in so many ways and I don’t think I could ever possibly explain the feeling that he gives me. Just read the series, I’m sure you’ll understand.

❤️ A character you imagine has a beautiful voice:

I tried to think of a second character for this, just because I already listed Arin below as I was answering these questions in my head, but I just kept coming back to him. Arin is from Marie Rutkoski’s The Winner’s Trilogy and while I feel like perhaps it’s cheating to pick a character whose voice is basically described as being beautiful for this category, I just couldn’t think of anyone who outshone him in that respect? I’m not even talking specifically about his singing voice, which is why he’s described as having a beautiful voice, but I just feel like his way of talking is mesmerizing. And I think at the end of the day he’s the sort of character who would just have the sort of voice that takes you over and is somehow both beautiful and sexy at the same time, but in a way that makes it impossible for it to be without the other.

❤️ The book character you know is just completely gorgeous:

I’m really thinking I have to give this one to Nicholas from Passenger and Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken. I just always pictured that he would be exceptionally attractive, though I’m not fully sure why I imagined him that way. I think it might have been something in his countenance and manner of being that gave me that feeling, but I dunno. There’s something nice about determining a character’s attractiveness without having the author explicitly throw it in your face (which is probably part of the reason I’m not overly fond of romance novels, lol).

❤️ A villain you just can’t help but love:

In the interest of not spoiling the book, I will not be naming the villain from All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill, but damn. I can’t even begin to describe this one and how heart wrenching it was. It’s exceedingly difficult not to love the villain in this book. And you love him so much that it hurts. The whole story is so poignant and the character so easily loved that it honestly broke my heart.

❤️ And the Cutest Couple Award goes to!

Cress and Thorne! They are so adorable that it’s almost at the point where people look at it and go “ewwww.” They are disgustingly cute and I would give them this award ten million times over. He was the logic to her imaginary world and they both saved each other on more than one occasion. The slow way in which they fell in love made me so ridiculously happy, you have no idea. It’s funny, cause it was almost insta-love (and in a way, it kind of was) but Cress grew so much from that and realized that there’s a true difference than naively thinking you were in love with someone and actually falling in love for real and it was just so beautiful.

❤️ The couple you want most to read getting married:

Ahhhh, okay. So I’m obviously biased and as I wrote down these questions I really didn’t give much thought to the fact that I’d be picking the same characters (or characters from the same book series) for multiple questions…which is totally fine, but I usually try to mix it up. Here, I’m just going to shamelessly admit that I need to see a Cinder/Kai wedding and ignore the fact that this is the third time (and certainly not the last) I’ve brought up The Lunar Chronicles. But I mean, let’s be real here. If you’ve read The Lunar Chronicles, how could you not NEED a Cinder and Kai wedding?

❤️ And the best book kiss goes to!

I was going to be an obsessed loser and say “Cress and Thorne! On the rooftop. With the blindness and a gun that’s just run out of bullets.” And I’m only including this because I still think it was kind of an amusing way to write it, but shortly after I had, I realized I was wrong. The best book kiss award belongs to Ron and Hermione, because there is something just truly amazing about inspiring such emotions in another person by being a genuinely caring human being that they ignore years of hidden feelings and all at once just jump kiss you. I will never in all my life feel more emotions about a kiss than I do about that one because it just meant so much.

❤️ A character that is as sweet as chocolate.

Crescent Darnell. I mean, if you read the books…you know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

❤️ A love that persevered through trials and tribulations.

Arin and Kestrel made it through so much in the three books of their series. Their situation was massively difficult to begin with; the general’s daughter and the man who had been bought as their slave falling in love is an obstacle more difficult to deal with than many. And then…well, I wont spoil the book. But they persevered through so much, dealing with difficulties that could certainly have ruined their love if they let it.

❤️ A book you’d love to give your partner (or best friend) for Valentine’s Day.

I will admit, my boyfriend is hard to shop for. And I don’t get him books super often because he’s not a big reader (at least where books and fiction are concerned). I think, to date, I’ve bought him two. The first was a signed copy of I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak and the second was a book on computer programming that he had been looking at in front of me once. But, if I were to get him a book, and I’m actually trying to get one for him now it would be Anthony Fokker: The Flying Dutchman Who Shaped American Aviation by Marc Dierikx. He loves flying, he wants to get his pilots lisence. And this book seems right up his alley.

❤️ A book you’d love to receive for Valentine’s Day.

The best Valentine’s Day book present I think I could ever receive is probably a copy of Labyrinth: A Novel Based on the Jim Henson Film. I’ve wanted this book for ages and never gotten it because it is grossly overpriced (understandably). If I had the money, I guarantee you I would be out spending that $300 to get my hands on this one, I want it so bad. Apparently there was a version recently re-released in recent years that’s about $20 that I will one day end up buying myself, but I definitely still hold a special desire for an original edition. I mean, it’s got David Bowie on the cover for Merlin’s sake.

So please join in if you have the desire! Tag me so I can read your answers! Happy reading, everyone. ❤️

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