I’ll admit, I borrow a lot of the books I read, so I probably wont be posting these exceptionally often but it’s still rather exciting to get a book in the mail. It’s even more exciting when you get two!

I bought Brave the day it came out, but I ordered it online so I could get a signed copy. I consider this to be an important book to read, despite the problematic situation of McGowan’s unacceptable ignorance regarding the situations that tarnswomen face. I read an article today about how people can say vile and wrong things and still have a voice about a matter that is a strong and important truth. Where McGowan and Brave is concerned, I could not agree more.

I finished Brave in five hours and will be writing a review for it soon. There is a lot to McGowan’s stance on the issues of rich white men in power that I believe is important for our society to understand. This woman has been through a lot and she is strong and aggressive in her attack of the problems in Hollywood and ultimately our world as a whole. The commentary is something I believe everyone should read.

In no way do I think Rose is a perfect person. I found it ironic that she calls out for people to “break down [their] situation instead of reacting” in the final chapters of her book and yet she has her own trouble doing that herself. But what I think is important to recognize about this isn’t that anyone should immediately go out and call her a hypocrite, but rather point her back to her own statements and ask her to think. For someone who has been through as much as McGowan has, it’s no wonder that she can’t help but react. I hope she pauses to think deeply and that she can grow in spite of it all.

The second book I received today is one I didn’t buy, but rather a book that I won in a Goodreads giveaway. I’ve been entering a lot of these lately and have received two physical copies of books so far. I’m excited to be reading In Spite of Lions soon and will certainly update everyone on it once I have finished it. From my understanding it is a story about a girl in search of her own freedom and a life she can decide upon for herself.

All in all, I’m extremely happy with the new books I got today.

Happy reading, you guys!

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6 thoughts on “What a Day (Book Haul #2)

    1. It was such an insightful and good read! Barnes and Noble was selling signed copies, so I just couldn’t help myself. Idk if they still are, but yeah.

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    1. I enter a LOT of them, lol. Legit, it’s near impossible to win them if you’re not entered in a bunch. I go to bed every night and scroll through the new additions and enter whichever ones sound interesting. Most of the time I don’t win anything, but there have been a few so far and it’s been pretty fun.

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      1. I definitely agree with you there. It takes a bit of dedication, but at least it’s only three clicks max.


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