I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, mainly do to the fact that I really just don’t like “From Me To You” anymore. It was a title I picked at random because I couldn’t think of anything else way back when I first started this blog and wasn’t exceptionally serious about it. I was never overly fond of it or anything and it doesn’t really bode well for a name that sticks out so much that someone would remember it.

Part of my desire to change the blog’s name also comes from seeing all the cool and creative names that everyone else has come up with for their blog. I wanna have a blog like that, something that if I had stumbled across it I would simply love the title and remember it without even trying to.

I have an idea for the title I want to change my blog to and I even spend a bit of time last night sketching out a sort of logo for it (I’m not so good with colors, but I hope I’ll be able to do something about that for this one).

I guess, what I’m wondering is mainly if anyone else has changed the name of their blog? What was that experience like for you guys? Did it confuse your followers at all? Are there any repercussions?

I know I’m 100% likely to change the title of my blog and the answers to this question aren’t really going to change my mind on the matter, but I was just curious since I’ve never actually changed a blog name before. And I need a little bit of help with semantics. I’ve listed below a few of my ideas, but I haven’t been able to decide just yet.

My Reader Fox and His Box of Books
Reader Fox and a Box of Books
A Reader Fox and a Box of Books
Reader Fox with His Box of Books
Reader Fox

Foxes happen to be my favorite animal. I have a ridiculous amount of fox stuff in my apartment from blankets and stuffier to salt shakers and tablecloths, so I really want to include something about a fox reading, which is where Reader Fox was sort of born from. The Box of Books bit was just a bit of a play on the fox box cliche, but I thought it was kind of cute? Plus, when I sketched it out, it was really adorable.


It’s definitely not finished yet, but I’m thinking about putting bookshelves behind him and maybe fitting a title on the book itself somehow. I’m not sure how I’ll did that, exactly, especially since I drew it in the wrong orientation for a title, but oh well!

Anyway, thoughts? I’m leaning toward My Reader Fox and his Box of Books, but I haven’t decided fully yet. Should I try to color the sketch or leave it B&W? What was your experience with changing your blog’s name if you did?

Thanks for reading!

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