It’s been a lot of reading for me for the past two days and while I’m not sure how much more reading this is than usual for me, I can say simply that I am exhausted. Everything feels like there’s a weird haze over it right now and I’m quite positive that at some point soon I’ll be taking a long nap to make up for the hours I’ve missed in sleep.

I’ll firstly address my best and worst covers, the best being a more recent aquisition and the worst one that I’ve had since high school. I adore both books, of course, which is why they are residing on my shelf because I would never keep an awful book regardless of what the cover looked like.

For my best cover, a beautiful artist piece by the talented Benjamin P. Roque (B-Ro) img_0410for authors Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown, I give you all The Wendy. A wonderful feminist retelling of Peter Pan centered around the most amazing Wendy I’ve ever had the pleasure to read, this story has easily become one of my all time favorite books. It gets bonus points for having such a gorgeous cover.

For my worst, enter stage right for The Moon and Sixpence by W. Somerset Maugham which is a beautifully written tale about a man who leaves his IMG_0467entire life behind in favor of becoming a painter. It’s definitely worth reading and while my introduction to it came solely from an art class, I knew I had to own the book as I finished it. I just never was fond of the cover itself.

And, just to wrap up my 24in48 posts (maybe 😛 ), I’d like to announce here that I have officially finished the readathon goal of 24 hours! I might read some more as I’m currently in the middle of a rather fun and fantastic book, however, my tired eyes might force themselves closed on me before the end of the readathon, so I wanted to at least celebrate my accomplishment before then.

Congratulations to all who have participated and bonus congratulations to everyone who met their goals! Even taking part in such a fun reading challenge is pretty commendable. I’m glad to have gotten the chance to join you all this year. Good luck to those still reading!


Has anyone else finished already? My own curiosity. ^_^

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8 thoughts on “24in48: Best and Wost Covers [and 24 Hours Reached!]

    1. Ahmg. Okay. So, this book is fantastic. And the authors are wonderful. I’m usually super critical of Peter Pan retellings (cause Peter’s my love and all that) but this one just blew me away. I was originally interested because of the cover, too, but the writing is just so amazing and whimsical and original. Basically, I’m in love and it’s pree much my favorite book of all time now, lol. So if you read it, please definitely let me know what you think!!

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      1. If you’re really interested and you have Nook, I’ve got a little bit of money left on a Barnes and Noble gift card I got for Christmas that you could use? It’s got a little over $4 on it.


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