He intensely wished himself under a glacier rather than beneath the scrutiny of the guild masters.

Every time I read something by Evangeline Denmark I find myself blown away by the characters she builds. There’s a certain quality in her writing that is a rare thing to find in books these days. Set in a small town, The Ice Child is a simple reimagining of an old folktale in which a husband rushes home to his wife after learning she became pregnant shortly after feeling an urge to eat an icicle.

Initially, the folktale itself sounded odd but I was intrigued enough–and had enjoyed Denmark’s Curio so much–that I decided to read it. (Not to mention I was entranced by how beautiful that cover is!) The story is simple and progresses easily, depicting the life of young clockmaker’s apprentice Sipp, shortly after his Master has died. And I loved it. The characters filled me with raw emotion almost instantly, leaving me desiring more with each page turned.

Now, this is a short story and admittedly I feel as though I would have loved for it to be extended into an actual novel, but Denmark does really well with her tale. Never once did I feel disappointed at a direction she took, but in fact I was really pleased with it all. It felt bittersweet to reach the end, but Denmark ended the tale perfectly with just the right amount of whimsy and closure. It’s certainly something I’d be happy to read again in the future. I wish it had been a novel.


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7 thoughts on “The Ice Child: A Winter Fairy Tale [Evangeline Denmark]

  1. I love stories that are based on fairy tales! Especially when it’s not the popular fairy tales that I’ve already heard of. I haven’t heard of this author before, but I definitely need to check her out. Great review!

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    1. Yeah, I think she’s pretty brilliant. I’d never heard of this fairy tale before, either, but the author describes it a bit prior to starting her book which was really nice.

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