Reading a book is always a hundred times better when you have someone to share it with, to discuss the events of the books and why you loved it so much. I can’t guarantee that I’ll like all the books for this, but I wanted to try something new this year. I’ve picked four books to choose from for the month of February and when January ends, the book with the most votes will be the one I’ll be reading.

There aren’t really any rules to this, but rather it’s more of an opportunity to be reading a book at the same time. I’ll set up a schedule for discussion if anyone wants to participate as well. I also want to promote writing reviews, since I feel like this is an incredibly important thing to do for just about any book, so at the end of February, if anyone writes a review for the one we end up reading, I’ll post a feature for your review on my blog here. Hopefully it’ll be a lot of fun!

All the books I chose for our options specifically fit the beat the backlist challenge, so if any of these books are on your to-read list prior to 2018, you can include them too!

Voting is open until January 31st. Just leave a comment below.

Option One: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

This one’s been on my to-read list for a long time, I just never got around to getting myself a copy to read. A mystery thriller featuring the disappearance of Amy Dunne IMG_0452and the question of whether or not her husband, Nick, was involved in her disappearance and subsequently, her potential murder. I’ve seen the movie and I thought it was an amazingly well done story.

Option Two: Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

Soon to be a feature film (!), this book is centered around the struggles of sixteen-IMG_0453year-old Simon and the secret of his sexuality as he navigates his adolescence. Suddenly he becomes faced with the horrifying situation where someone knows the secret he has been keeping and threatens to reveal his sexual preferences to the world. I’ve seen the trailer for this one and admittedly that was what convinced me I needed to read this book. I’ve had a fair amount of luck with books I’ve read based on a movie trailer I found as they always turn out to be amazing, so I have high hopes for this one.

Option Three: The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

The story of Troy has always been one that I’ve loved and I’m exceptionally eager to see how this one turns out. Told from the perspective of young Patroclus both prior IMG_0454and during the war for Helen of Sparta, The Song of Achilles looks like it’ll be an amazing read and I’m excited to get started. I imagine anyone who enjoys the tale of Troy will likely be intrigued by this one. It’s got a really good rating on Goodreads as well, which makes it that much more promising. Though Patroclus is not portrayed here as Achilles’ cousin as I have come to expect, I’m hoping to really love this novel.

Option Four: A Court of Thornes and Roses by Sarah J. Mass

IMG_0451This is one of those books that I feel like everyone has read but me. There’s no particular reason for why I haven’t read it, exactly, but rather that I always seemed to be in the middle of another book and regularly forgot about it. Either way, I wanna knock this one of my to-read list and so I thought I’d offer it up as an option for a read-a-long. From my understanding this is a Beauty and the Beast inspired tale  about faeries, though admittedly I don’t know all that much about it aside from the fact that it is immensely popular.

And there they are! If you’d like to join me in a read along, just leave a comment below with the title of the book you’d most like to read. Updates to come later.

3 thoughts on “Monthly Book Read-a-Long (#1) February

    1. 😄 Yay! I’m gonna go ahead and guess that I won’t get any other comments and say A Court of Thorns and Roses will be it for February. This is my first attempt at a read-a-long, so hopefully it goes well!

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