This book was okay. It wasn’t amazing, it wasn’t terrible.

The problem is, mainly, that it dragged. A lot. It wasn’t really exciting and even the most exciting portions of the book never really grabbed my attention all that much.

I think the most powerful aspect of this novel is the questions that it poses. What do you do on your very last day alive? How do you feel? Who do you think about? What would you do if you knew?

But when it comes to answering these questions, we get something fairly lackluster and dull. And to be fair to the story itself, I think it’s pretty damn real as far as people’s reactions might go. But real doesn’t always translate into interesting.

For example, while I can certainly see the shy guy falling in insta one-day love with the first person to bring him out of his shell as a result of the added news that he was going to die that day…I didn’t enjoy reading about it. I found it incredibly boring. Though, in all fairness again…I don’t think I’ve ever cared much for anything with insta-love involved.

They Both Die At The End is simply one of those mediocre books that sends an overused message without adding anything new to it while using a mildly creative platform in the form of Death-Cast calls. I enjoyed the title a lot more than the book itself and I almost think I would have preferred imaging what it was about than actually finding out.

*Great premise, decent characters, iffy execution.

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