The fascinating story of two worlds coming together, Gathering Frost introduces a world full of characters under the curse of a Queen that results in the complete and total loss of their emotions and the rebels from our world who continue to fight for the restoration of the freedom and emotions of those under the Queen’s curse.

I really wanted to like this book. The synopsis left me intrigued and I was genuinely excited to read it. Unfortunately, the execution of the novel itself was not as good as I had hoped for. The beginning of Davis’ book left me desperate for more, and the plot itself was new and exciting. Where Davis falls short, however, is with her characters and the various plot holes that exist in the story she tries to tell.

This is the sort of book that starts off really well, and slowly just falls apart until it ends. I found it incredibly cheesy, particularly in the very last two chapters. I was horribly unimpressed with the ending and the rather unfortunate choice of cliffhanger leading to the sequel.

The main character I liked. She was well developed and interesting. However, at times the author alludes to emotions in her supposedly emotionless character, even going so far as to introduce these themes far too quickly. For a character who has had all her emotions taken away, Jade seems to have far too many of them and incredibly early on. Had the author’s intent been to imply that the emotionless characters never truly lost all their emotions, but rather had them repressed I feel as though I would have seen this as less of an issue. And halfway through the book she became irritating.

The character of Maddy and her role in the novel annoyed me as well, considering the way in which she was introduced in relation to her personality in particular. It seems rather idiotic and unlikely to me that the person to escort the brilliant fighter who is now prisoner to the baths would be a young, somewhat timid girl with absolutely no fighting experience. In this, I will say I was extremely unimpressed with Davis’ choice.

Interestingly enough, the cursed Queen was a character I found fascinating as well. That is, she was an enigma I was curious about until paltry aspects of her personality were revealed in the last couple of chapters. Additionally, the Prince was unrealistic and annoying throughout the vast majority of the book. I was genuinely at a point where I believed I could not have disliked him more, and then Davis inserted her cliffhanger intending to connect this fairytale retelling to another.

I think Davis had potential with this book. And I will not go so far as to say it is terrible, as I do believe this is the sort of book may will (and have) enjoyed. It just wasn’t for me.

*Plot holes.
*Points of unrealism.
*Annoying love interest.
*Various mistakes in the novel overall were hard to look past.
*Great idea.
*Would not read again.

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