these children who come at you with knivesI picked up this book out of a mere curiosity from a Marden’s in Maine. You’ll find quite a number of interesting books in Marden’s, though it is unfortunately rare to find incredibly impressive ones. Still, they are cheap and on a college student’s budget, a decent investment.

I fell in love with this book from the first story. There was an odd darkness to it, mixed with an air of what felt to me like something remnant of Greek Mythology. To a point, it was fascinating and strange, prompting me to delve even further with high hopes. The stories that followed the first were, for lack of a better term, less.

A bunch of crazy, weird stories followed the first rather impressive one. They didn’t always make sense and they weren’t always interesting. It wasn’t quite Wonderland-esque, but I certainly felt some themes. At times I felt like I was reading an excessively dark fairy tale that just hadn’t quite made the cut.

This book did have one very important and impressive thing going for it, and that presented itself in a form of continuity that I was not expecting. From the cover you expect a smattering of fairy tales, each of which in any typical fairy tale book would have nothing to do with the ones preceding or following it. This book was different.

While not every story in this book was to my taste, I will certainly hold it on a shelf of high respect as it was incredibly fascinating and surprisingly well written. It was definitely weird, but I did love it absolutely.


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